North East South West: Home best! Some travelling in Pays Basque and Andalusia


The raging of the whole world

is becoming silent if you go logging in wonderful clear water with friends. If not read Maarten t Hart must read novel.

Oh No Winter!

can be heavy can be very beautiful. But me Id like to say: Adios winter its the 21st of march!

Exhibitions with my driftwood frames

Impressions of the exhibitions in Spain and Germany. Many thanks to the organizers of the Burriana Festival, Galerie Frei in Cologne and Munich Surffilmfestival! If you are interested in a handmade wooden frame with any of my images please email me.

25 de Mayo Tableru

Fue un gran placer Gracias a todos!!!

Duct Tape Biarritz 2012

Duct Tape Biarritz showed excellent longboarding, best waves, happy visitors and some art by Angelo Schmitt

One summer, one beach. Surf @ home.

Un verano una playa. Surfeando en casa con los amigos.

Around Santander

a tiny bit of la Tierruca Cantabria

Icescape surf-art

Local Munich surfer and industrial designer Tao Schirmacher and friends built landscape surf art at the river wave. Beautiful idea

Salinas Longboard Festival 2011

An original California surfmovie live on a Spanish beachbreak

Freesurf Mimizan 2011

Sideshow at the QGC 2011

Sweet Monday

Sweet Thursday is a novel by John Steinbeck written 1954.  I don´t know if he ever surfed, but he could have been a surfer His novel just jumped up in my mind when we had this legendary good day it was a monday. Good waves all day long later a campfire sweet monday.